The City of Valentine operates under a Council-Manager Plan form of government.  It is a system of local government which combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of the city council with the managerial experience of the City Manager.

The Council-Manager plan is intended to provide a City Council which is strong because it is elected by the people to govern the Community and a City Manager chosen by the Council to carry out their programs.

The Council is the legislative body and its members are the Community’s decision makers.  The Manager is hired to serve the board as its FULL-TIME executive.  It is his or her job to bring to the community the benefits of his or her training and experience in administering a local government’s staff, projects, and programs on behalf of the Council.


Citizens of Valentine elect a five (5) member City Council to set policies for the City of Valentine.  The duties of the Council include passing ordinances, adopting the budget, acting as final decision making body on policy issues, and hiring a City Manager.  The City Council has investigative powers only over the officers and employees hired by the City Manager, but has no authority to hire or fire officers and employees of the City.


The City Manager is the chief executive officer of the City of Valentine.  He or she is responsible for implementing Council decisions, overseeing City operations, coordinating Department Heads, Supervisors and staff and conducting personnel activities.  The City Manager is responsible for the administration of the city, including exercising his or her own judgment in the appointment of officers and employees for such administration of the city.


A Department Head is a person trained to manage a specific area of City government such as Street, Police, Park and Recreation, Public Utilities, Library, etc.  Department Heads are responsible for the general operation of the department and ensuring adequate performance levels from employees.  Department Heads shall have full responsibility to recommend any personnel actions in accordance with the authority delegated to them by the City Manager.  All actions by Department Heads within their department are accountable to the City Manager.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Shane Siewert City Manager 402-376-2323
Deanna Schmit City Clerk/Treasurer 402-376-2323