Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is a “quasi-judicial” body that deals exclusively with the application of zoning regulations within the jurisdiction of the board.  The board of adjustment has the authority to hear and decide:

1. appeals from any person who believes that the zoning administrator made an error in the application or interpretation of the zoning regulations or an error relating to the location or soundness of structures. 

2. within the limits established in the zoning regulations, requests by any person regarding the interpretation of any zoning related map, including the “official zoning map” of the area for which the board has jurisdiction.

3. applications for a variance from the zoning regulations with regard to a particular piece of property. A variance is a limited relaxation of one or more of the zoning regulations applicable to a particular piece of property. The variance may be granted to avoid creating an unnecessary or undue hardship for reasonable use of such property. 

Board Members

Name Title
Steve Steele
Greg Gass
Wally Balliet
Kurt Arganbright
Mike Librato Alternate Member