Permit to sell/Vendor Permit

Selling permits within city limits typically requires adherence to specific municipal regulations designed to control and monitor sale activities. Vendors must apply for a permit through the Valentine Police Department, providing detailed information about the nature of their business, location, and operations. The application process often includes a review to ensure compliance with zoning laws and health and safety codes. While no fees are associated with the permit application for the City of Valentine, expect one to two business days to process vendor applications. Once issued, permits must be visibly displayed at the place of business, and periodic renewals are often required to maintain compliance. Additionally, failure to obtain the necessary permits can result in fines and/or legal action. The City of Valentine encourages and welcomes vendors to our town, but there are important guidelines to remember. For instance, permission must be granted by the property owner before setting up on their property. You cannot set up on the right-of-way of any state highway without permission from the State of Nebraska. Additionally, setting up at Trailhead Park requires permission from the Game and Parks Recreational Trails Manager.

For any other questions, please contact the office at 402-376-3055.